Assisting Amputees in the Tampa Area Since 2004



Krewe with a Kause

Our mission is to support Amputees

The Krewe has been able to do this by providing handcycles and tricycles that are custom made, home renovation, scholarships and numerous other ways of meeting their needs.

We do not discriminate in any way. Our amputees come in all sizes and shapes, from near and far, young to old and everything in between. Our only requirement is that the individual be an amputee. We have been able to help amputees locally, regionally, state wide, nationally and internationally.

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Ye Notorious Krewe of the Peg Leg Pirate, Inc.

Charitable Organization in the Tampa Area

Non-Profit Organization

We are a 501(c)(3) IRS Recognized Charitable Organization

February 20, 2004

Incorporated in the State of Florida

Inter-Krewe Council

Admitted as a Member

How We Help Amputees

Hand-Cycles and Tricycles

Two and three-wheeled Cycles provide great physical therapy and mobility for amputees of all ages.

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Adventure Amputee Camp

The camps provide children who have suffered amputations the opportunity to have fun and meet new friends.

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The members of the Krewe believe that education and training provide that additional step to success.

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Assisting Amputees
In the Tampa Area
Since 2004


Cycles Donated





Meet the Krewe

Our members, ranging from 22 to 70 years old, come from all over the Tampa area


Current and past leaders of the Krewe

Year Member
2019 - 2024 (Present) April Kennedy
2018-2019 Doug Moriarity
2017-2018 Michael Sutorus
2016-2017 Doug Moriarity
2015-2016 Doug Moriarity
2014-2015 Richard Hearn
2013-2014 Mike Long / Richard Hearn
2012-2013 Joe Hocter / Mike Long
2011-2012 Joe Hocter
2010-2011 Richard Hearn
2009-2010 Joe Hocter
2008-2009 Terry Huber
2007-2008 Terry Huber
2006-2007 Terry Huber
2005-2006 John Connell
2004-2005 John Connell