Assisting Amputees in the Tampa Area Since 2004


Hand-Cycles and Tricycles


Handcycles are the next step after tricycles. As the amputee grows into a young adult the need for a larger mode of transportation becomes necessary. These handcycles are customized to each user. The majority of our handcycles come from Top End, a highly respected and known provider of mobility devices. The handcycles can function much the same way as the tricycle for the smaller individuals who have outgrown the tricycles. They still provide the physical therapy that is needed. It also is an excellent mobility device for those amputees who have lost both legs and can propel themselves only with their hands. The handcycles are also used at sporting events and racing competitions.

Hand-Cycle Recipients

  • Our first Handcycle presentation went to Heather. She was a 13 year old girl when we first met her to present her with a handcycle in cooperation with the VFW in Zephyrhills. Heather lost both legs several years prior in an accident. She is a very positive and determined young lady. She loves to race but her family had not been able to afford a handcycle. Heather is a Champion in several fields of competition.  We have watched Heather grow into a young woman who still very much enjoys competing.
  • Kenji was a 17 year old boy when we first met him. He lost both legs in a car accident when he was 9 years old. He works hard and has won several awards in the Jr. National Disability Championships (Discus and Javelin). Now he can compete in the racing events while also improving his upper body strength.Kenji is the first in his family to graduate from high school and is now attending a community college.  Transportation became a problem so he contacted us and asked for some assistance.  He had an old car that he had saved for and purchased so we agreed to install handcontrols for him.
  • Casey D. lost both legs at age 10 days old to cancer. At the time the Krewe gave him his bike he was living with his mother and grandmother in Lakeland. With the handcycle there will be fewer trips to Tampa for physical therapy as he can now get good workouts with his new handcycle. He is a child with a bright spirit and the desire to race his handcycle. At the presentation at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, he got out on the basketball court and spun in circles. He has all intentions of competing in cycle races both for the physically challenged and in community races.
  • Elisha, as an 8 year old girl, lost her leg at age 5. The Physical Therapists at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital recommended that she have a custom handcycle to strengthen her upper extremities, cardiovascular exercise and general conditioning. Elisha says that she enjoys roller-skating and swimming and now she can ride her bike. She wants to be a professional swimmer when she gets older.
  • Maria was born in Columbia and suffered from a bone disease.  In order to save her life both legs were amputated above the knee.  With the help from Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Maria now has prosthetics.  However, the physical therapists said that she would greatly benefit from having a handcycle.  In addition to the socialization opportunities, it also provides Maria with great physical therapy in her home town in southern Florida.  Maria was surprised when the Krewe members presented her with the handcycle.  She had a beautiful smile as she got on and started riding around the hospital.



Every child should be able to ride a bike/trike around their neighborhood with their friends.  We are helping to make that possible for a small number of children through our association with the Shriner’s Hospital for Children.  The tricycles we purchase for our amputees are the ones recommended by the Physical Therapists at the Hospital.  The majority of them are made by Rifton.  These tricycles provide on-going physical therapy while they are at home and allows the children to socialize and be a member of their community of friends.

Tricycle Recipients

  • Casey was 4 years old when we found out about her.  She always had to ride on the back of her Mom’s bike when the family went out riding. Now Casey can ride with the family and her friends in the neighborhood. Her physical therapist reports that it is providing Casey with opportunity for exercise and socialization. At the age of 6, Casey turned in her old tricycle for a replacement one that is larger and fits her better.  She still enjoys riding and is getting along fine in school.
  • Cheyenne was identified by the therapists at Shriner’s Hospital for Children as a child that would benefit from the tricycle but whose family could not afford to purchase the custom designed trike.  Cheyenne is 5 years old and a very shy little girl.  The majority of funds used to purchase this tricycle were provided by the Maintenance Department for the Postal Service with the help of Joe Hocter who is an active member of the Krewe and works for the Postal Service.
  • Lexi had her one leg amputated not long after her birth. At the presentation of the tricycle her father said it was a very important day for her as she can now ride with her twin sister like any normal 6 year old girl.   Several members of the “Krewe” dressed in their pirate costumes joined Maria Maranda and the staff of Maranda Insurance Agency in presenting a custom tricycle to 6 year old Lexi.   Marty, the father of Lexi and her twin sister Kaili, traveled from their home in Clermont to attend the presentation in Brandon.Maria and her staff raised a major portion of the funds needed to purchase this tricycle.  At the presentation, both Marty and Lexi thanked everyone for all they had done.  Mr. Wayne Witczak, Associate Executive Administrator for the International Shriner’s organization, was also present and thanked the Krewe for all they have done for the children at the Hospital.
  • Raeshawn, 6 years old, is a double amputee. He has a quiet demeanor but loved the new tricycle and had a big smile on his face as he rode it around the offices of Maranda Insurance Agency.  Now he won’t have to come into Tampa for physical therapy nearly as often as he has had to in the past.   The funds for this tricycle were donated by the staff of Maranda Insurance Agency.  Maria Maranda is a valued member of the Krewe and is fully committed to helping our amputees.
  • 10 year old Rhett was born with a birth defect that resulted in both legs being stunted as well as both arms not being fully developed. Lisa, Rhett’s mother, Nila, his grandmother, traveled from their home in Lakeland to attend the presentation of Rhett’s new tricycle at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.
  • Nahomi was born with a birth defect that resulted in both legs being stunted as well as both arms not being fully developed. Nahomi and her mother, Melanie, were brought from their home in Honduras so that Nahomi could get the necessary care at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.  The Krewe provided the tricycle and paid for it to be shipped to her home.
  • Andre, 5 years old, was born with a condition that required the amputation of one of his legs below the knee. When the Krewe surprised him with a tricycle he had a smile that never left his face. He lives with his family in Jamaica. Arrangements were made with the airlines to transport his new tricycle to his home.
  • Youri is a little 3 year old boy who is currently living with his aunt in Miami.  He is from Haiti…..but will not be going back anytime soon. Youri is a bilateral BK amputee.  In otherwords, he is missing both legs both below his knees.  The Physical Therapists felt that the tricycle would be a great benefit to Youri so far as his socialization and also as good exercise for developing the rest of his musculature. Once he was on the tricycle he started off pedaling around the room with a great smile on his face.
  • Isaiah is a 3 year old boy who suffered some serious birth defects.  In layman terms, his feet are attached to his pelvis.  He has no legs.  That doesn’t stop him though.  He scooted around the room as the physical therapist was making last minute adjustments to his new Amtryke.  Arm power moves him around just like any other kid riding a bike.  Once he got the hang of it, he was off and moving.  The trike was puchased in partnership with Tri-City AMBUCS.
  • When we first met him Jamoy was an 11 year old boy who lost his left leg due to a birth defect. He lives in the Caribbean and has been treated at the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa for the last several years. The Hospital had a tricycle that was the appropriate size for Jamoy but it needed to be modified for use in his island home of Antiqua. The Krewe was able to provide “Fat Wheels” and a helmet which has enabled Jamoy to safely ride his tricycle.At the age of 13 he had outgrown the bike.  His physical therapist at the Shriners’ Hospital for Children asked if the Krewe can buy him a new bike.  She recommended a Huskie from Wal-Mart.  We also paid to have the bike shipped home.
  • Reianna was 4 years old when the Krewe first heard about her.  She lives with her family in Jamaica. Her leg was amputated shortly after her birth. She is a bright little girl who loves to sing and smile. When she first got on the tricycle she took to it immediately and was “off and pedaling”.   One year later she was back at the hospital and her parents brought her bike with them.  She had outgrown it and needed the bigger size.  The Krewe exchanged the old bike for a new one and will recycle the smaller tricycle to another child.At the same time that Reianna got her second tricycle her parents requested some scholarship help.  They live in a poorer part of Jamaica and the school she was going to go to was not set up to deal with her disability.  Her parents asked if the Krewe would provide money so that Reianna could attend a private school where she would get the assistance she needed.  She did well in school and the Krewe has funded a second year of schooling for her.In 2011 Reianna and her parents came to Tampa so that Reianna could be fitted for a new prosthetic.  Several Krewe members were able to meet with them and share in the joy of a wonderful little girl.  Her grades have remained high and the Krewe continues to provide scholarship funds so that Reianna can attend a school in which she can excel.
  • Damiere, who likes to be called Bubba, lives with his parents in Brooksville, FL. He lost both legs above the knee following surgery due to a congenital birth defect.  He is 5 years old and has the greatest smile.  Before being seen at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Bubba got around by walking on his stumps.  Now he has prosthetic legs and gets around well both on his own and at great speed on his new tricycle.
  • Victor lives in an orphanage in a small town in Peru.  A church group is responsible for getting him into the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital where he has been fitted for a prosthesis for his leg. He was born without one leg and both arms. The Physical Therapists were able to modify the tricycle so that Victor can steer it with his chin. It only took a few minutes for him to figure out how to turn around when he got to the end of the hall.
  • Marina, a cute 5 year old girl, lost both legs below the knee due to a clotting tissue disorder and has suffered other physical problems that are a result of being born to a survivor of the Chernobyl nuclear accident.  She is from Ukraine and has been adopted by some missionaries who live in the area north of Tampa.  They do not have the the resources to buy a tricycle for Marina.  She has ridden the tricycle at the Hospital and LOVES it.
  • Claudia, a 7 year old girl, was born missing both legs and one arm.  She has been brought up from Guatamala for treatment at the Shriners’ Hospital for Children where she was evaluated and fitted with her new legs.  The Physical Therapists said that she would benefit greatly by having a tricycle that she could use at home.  The Krewe provided the tricycle and the Shriner’s covered the cost of shipping the tricycle to Guatamala.
  • Taylor, a 13 year old girl, lost one leg in a boating accident and the other leg was badly damaged.  The physical therapist at the Shriners’ Hospital for Children felt that the large tricycle would be a great way for Taylor to continue exercising while away from the hospital….she lives in a small town outside of Ocala, FL and has a long drive to the hospital for her physical therapy.
  • Shane is 5 1/2 years old and has a number of congenital deformaties as well as has had to have his right leg amputated at the knee.  He is a bright, energetic boy who is thrilled that he will now be able to ride his trike with his friends around the cul-de-sac by his home.  He was surprised when the Krewe members gave him his tricycle and the smile never left his face.