Assisting Amputees in the Tampa Area Since 2004


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In Charge Of The Krewe



  •  April 1  Admiral/President: April Kennedy
  •  Matt  Captain/Vice President: Matt Pintur (75)
  • Diana 1  Secretary: Diana Harville
  •   Treasurer: Sophie Helis

Committee Chairs

  • Robert  Float Chair: Robert Coon (Cooney)
  •   Fundraising Chair: Lisa Nales (Malibu)
  • Elle  Membership Chair: Elle Hugenschmidt (Sangria)
  •   Parade Chair: Open
  • Dave  Safety Chair: David Brown (Dr. D)
  •   Social Chair: Jenn deFreese (Ginger)
  • Stephanie OS  Public Relations/Social Media: Stephanie O. Schulte
  • Stephanie 1  Booty Chair: Stephanie Schaff
  • Carlington  Webmaster Chair: Carlington Taylor