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A Year in Review – 2020-2021

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Yearly Archives: 2021

A Year in Review - 2020-2021

A Year in Review – 2020-2021

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A Year in Review – 2020-21 This past year tattooed upon our hearts and minds the unthinkable and the unforgettable. We were forced to face daily struggles, gripping fear, paralyzing grief and yet we still hung on. We found ways to celebrate what was once considered “the normal” with new eyes. We opened our hearts to embrace each other, lend that helping hand so desperately needed by those trying to survive in a world filled with uncertainties. It has been a year of difficulties and unprecedented times and yet our Krewe held fast. Hard as it has been, we survived and along the way we were able to provide the needed help and support to our community and amputees. Our Krewe was stricken with heartbreak this year losing two Pirates, Mama Fran Reiter, and Lisa Esposito. Both had been with our Krewe for years and the void left from losing them affected many of us. They supported our Krewe and our Kause unselfishly and will always be remembered as having a heart of gold to those fortunate to have known them. Although the year was different, our Krewe managed to find a variety of ways to help those in need during the year. There is always a need for financial assistance to provide prosthesis and we met that need by giving $15,000.00 in funds for 3 individuals. Although we were not able to present the check directly to the recipients and the clinics this year, the result was the same; we […]